The American Revolution
By: Adrianna Puma
March 23, 1775

Adrianna has interviewed several Loyalists and Patriots on their points of views on The American Revolution. This interview has interesting information on The American Revolution. Each interview contains at least two to three questions per Soldier.

external image patriot.jpgBenjamim Martin of The Patriots

Adrianna: How did you become captain?
Benjamin: Well, I became captain after fighting in The French and Indian War.
Adrianna: Why do most people mistakenly accuse you for being a Loyalist?
Benjamin: They accuse me for being a loyalist because I do not want to fight in the war.

external image patriot-2.jpg Gabriel Martin of The Patriots

Adrianna: Do you want to be in The Continental Army? If so, Why?
Gabriel: Yes, I would like to be in the army, but my father disapproves me of fighting in the war.
Adrianna: The levy was passed, 28 to 12. Do you intend to enroll?
Gabriel: Yes, I do, but i do not plan to tell my father about it.

external image charlotte2.jpg Charolette Selton

Adrianna: What is your relationship between you and Benjamin Martin?
Charolette: He is my Brother- In- Law.
Adrianna: They burned your house down, how do you feel about The Loyalist?
Charolette: I feel that they had no right to do that, and it upset me a lot.

external image tav2.jpg Colonel William Tavington of The Loyalist

Adrianna: Why did you kill Mr. Martin's son?
Tavington: It's simple, I took his brother and he tried to attack me, so i shot him.
Adrianna: Benjamin Martin plans to kill you before the end of the war. Care to comment?
Tavington: Ha, he makes me laugh! He can not kill me! He is way to weak.

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=1282575306961&id=1dc4f723e2be9e28d60761ca6bd66a9c& Colonel Harry Burwell of The Patriots

Adrianna: Why did you go to war?
Burwell: I went to war like every other person, to fight for my Freedom!
Adrianna: What is your opinion on war?
Burwell: I think we should just be able to be free and independent.

external image ohara_woodward.jpg Lord Charles Cornwallis of The Loyalist

Adrianna: How many troops did you capture?
Cornwallis: We captured 5,000 Troops.
Adrianna: You have two dogs. What are their names?
Cornawallis: They are Jupiter and Mars. They are beautiful Great Danes.